What's happening in 2019?

I'm very excited to have a new home for all of my music and content! It's been many years of growing socially and professionally, and I'm grateful to be here in Nova Scotia starting the next chapter - The Garden. Over the past five years I've been writing a collective of R&B/Soul music; and in an interesting contrast, a list of storytelling, country-folk songs, borrowing from traditional East Coast songwriting - right down to the sea-shanties! This year will start with a couple of artsy surprises in the spring-time, followed by the first Cameron Hawes single in five years! If you'd like to listen to my most recent works, check out Barefoot Mountain for a little bluesy, West Coast rock n' roll. Later this year I'll be releasing my first full-length album titled, The Garden. This is where the country-folk vibe is going to meet my unconscious and unstoppable desire to turn everything into soul music.

The next steps will include funding the full length album, along with a music video and a tour, so I can come share the music and keep the good times rolling :) Please sign up to my email list and stay tuned - 2019 is a big one! All my best,